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August 10, 2011

Gospel-Centered Marriages for a Glorious Church Conference

Gospel Centered Marriages

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Designed to bring parents and their marriage age children together to consider the biblical doctrine of marriage with the aim of God-centered marriages, this conference will seek to reset our thoughts about marriage and prepare the rising generation for marriages that glorify God.
While all family members are welcome, our main focus will be directed toward parents and their marriageable, unmarried children. We also recognize that parents should not wait until their children are old enough to marry to begin to prepare them, so we encourage whole families to participate in this exciting blend of lecture and fellowship.
We will cover the following subjects:
  1. Marriage as a the picture of the gospel
  2. The implications of the dominion mandate for marriage
  3. Protecting purity before marriage
  4. Marriage as the foundation for society and future generations - Leaving a legacy of freedom of one generation to the next
  5. The role of a husband
  6. The role of a wife
  7. How fathers should treat suitors
  8. How fathers should qualify suitors
  9. What is the role of love, romance, and emotions
  10. Principles of courtship versus the rules of courtship
  11. The differences between courtship, betrothal, and marriage (virgin, betrothed, marriage, widowhood). Biblical terminology regarding marriage.
  12. Equal yoking
  13. How to split a church through your courtship (the history of courtship and war) How many wars have been started through failed courtships gives insight on how explosive this can be. Enter with caution.
  14. What is your marriage teaching your children about marriage? Your marriage as preparation – modeling marriage is the best preparation
  15. Preparing a two-year-old for marriage
  16. Redeeming the time with your children
  17. What Christ and His Church have to do with earthly marriage
  18. How young men and women should treat one another in the church
  19. Courtship in the community - 1 Thessalonians 3 :Mind your own business
  20. How to talk to the couple, how should bystanders react, handling diversity, when you announce, when it is in process, when it ends
  21. Issues, concerns, and answers regarding early marriages
  22. Wedding ceremonies and covenants

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